Snek is an experiment in building live-coding languages.

It's really more a research and learning project than a performance tool. Mostly the aim is to play around with how languages can be built, improved, made more interactive, and more user-friendly.

The aesthetic is heavily hydra influenced. Primarily because it seemed that the signal chaining style of it would fit well for a small DSL and the data types involved are few and simple enough that it would be easy to build a basic type checker as well.


The Language document should hopefully detail everything, though it's liable to be out of date as I hack on things.

The Builtins document lists all the built in functions, operators and buses.

The Todo document covers things that are half completed or not yet started.

Technical Details

Under the hood, snek is really just taking the input code and turning it into a GLSL fragment shader. There are pre-built functions for most of the transformations which are included in the shader if used.


Some bits of code pulled from hydra-synth. The Virgil parsing library is based on Canto34.


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BSD License.